Organisations We Like


Below is a list of organisations we at Bahay Living feel do good and meaningful work to help people when they need it. While there are are countless others out there that are also excellent, everyone has their favourites and these are some we support or have supported previously, either on behalf of Bahay Living or by its founder, Amy, on an individual level.

Not only funds are needed by all these organisations; some accept pre-loved or new items, or volunteer time. See the associated links for more details.


Pay the Rent

The Pay The Rent program is a not-for-profit organised by First Nations and non-First Nations people working together, as the Pay The Rent Grassroots Collective. Rent money paid by individuals or businesses directly benefit Indigenous people and communities. Rent can be paid on an ongoing basis or via a one off donation.


Australian Red Cross

With so many  different ways to donate, from giving blood, to donating pre-loved goods to Red Cross stores, to funds to disaster relief appeals and much more, the Red Cross uses proceeds to support people in a multitude of vulnerable situations.

The Red Cross is a huge organisation with significant administrative costs and set procedures around donation distributions, which may not appeal to some. However Founder Amy's grandparents directly received Red Cross assistance following displacement arising from World War 2, so it remains an organisation close to her heart.


Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power. The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation seeks to transform the lives of Indigenous children by focusing on literacy and numeracy education. It is an independent, not-for-profit, charitable organisation that relies on the generous support of the community to achieve its work. Quality books meeting set criteria can be donated, or funds to enable book purchasing and distribution.

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St Kilda Mums

St Kilda Mums collect, sort and redistribute essential nursery equipment, clothing, books and toys for Victorian babies and school age children in need. They work with and support existing social services and Maternal and Child Health nurses to ensure appropriate distribution of items. St Kilda Mums accepts pre-loved items meeting a strict set of criteria, or funds to assist with preparing and delivering items.

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Kiva is a non profit organisation that provides loans for borrowers in more than 80 countries who are often financially excluded. These loans are crowdfunded in amounts of $25US or more. The borrowers use the loans to start or improve their small businesses. Over time, the borrowers make repayments and while Kiva does not guarantee repayment for any loans crowdfunded on the Kiva website, the vast majority of the time the funds are returned to your account. You can then choose to reinvest the funds in other Kiva loans, or donate or withdraw them if you prefer.

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