About Bahay Living - Our Story

Don’t you wish you could browse gorgeous homewares from the thoughtful, small-scale makers worldwide in the one place? Now you can.

Bahay Living is your online destination for inspiring pieces for everyday living.

At Bahay Living, we don’t believe in saving things for special occasions - beautiful objects deserve to be enjoyed.

Here, you’ll find a collection of considered unique homewares that will help turn your space into a sanctuary. All our pieces are carefully selected by our founder, Amy Cadusch.

A wearer of many hats and a lover of many things including cocktails, travel and beautiful homewares, Amy’s been sitting on the Bahay concept for more than 15 years. Life simply got in the way, but Amy finally decided that 2020 was time. Not even a global pandemic could get in the way - but it did try.

Each item in our store has been made with love and care by small-scale creators who are the up-and-comings of their fields. Each piece has been chosen because it sparks Amy joy, and we hope you find joy in these creations too.

Bahay Living is proudly based in and operates from Melbourne, Australia.

And for those curious about our name? Bahay is Tagalog for ‘house’, inspired by Amy’s time in the Philippines.