Meet Our Makers - International Edition (Philippines)

Meet Our Makers - International Edition (Philippines)

Meet some of the international businesses and craftspeople who create our beautiful Bahay Living products:

TenTwenty Kids

Women crafting with brand logo

TenTwenty Kids is social enterprise making handcrafted sustainable toys celebrating the creativity of kids and the craftsmanship of Filipinos.

Their story began with piles of textile excess and the realisation that without intervention, the cycle of waste would only continue. So TenTwenty Kids was born with the mission to reduce waste and promote sustainability to kids and their families. Designs were finalised and the textiles were then crafted into quality educational and imaginative play toys by their partner artisan nanays and ates (“nanay” means mother and “ate” means sister in Filipino). These artisan nanays and ates receive the benefits of stable employment while being able to develop their seamstress skills.

Pretend play is at the heart of TenTwenty Kids creations and the intention behind every piece is to deliver joy, light and creativity into its recipients’ lives.

We are delighted to stock TenTwenty Kids’ market playsets at Bahay Living and bring their globally appealing sense of fun combined with ethical production practices to the kids of Australia.


ADR Rattan Industry

Based in Luzon in the Philippines, ADR Rattan Industry is a family business that knows the art of rattan creations inside and out. ADR has produced pieces for the local market since inception and over thirty years later, continues to make both classic and innovative creations for private homes, restaurants and hotels. In 2020, ADR added exporting to its resume - direct to Bahay Living in Melbourne, Australia. 

The expertise of ADR’s weavers and framers only comes with practice and experience. Miss April Rodriguez of ADR is proud to be able to offer stable employment to her older workforce, enabling them to utilise artisan skills they have developed over many years while helping preserve and showcase heritage techniques.

ADR’s craftspeople can be found hand weaving rolls of made-to-order ‘solihiya’ matting (the type often used on the seats of bentwood chairs or cabinet fronts and as seen on our two tier planter stand), repairing heirloom pieces and designing and constructing beautiful furniture and interior pieces.

ADR continued to employ their weavers and framers throughout the COVID-19 crisis by implementing work from home arrangements. This was significant, as Manila and surrounds experienced one of the longest and strictest lockdowns in the world. It included the total suspension of public transport and a ban on children under 15 from leaving home (which remains in place at the start of 2021. The government intends to lift this only when vaccinations have been widely rolled out).

These ongoing disruptions to everyday life meant for many Filipinos, they were facing potential unemployment. ADR’s long-term employees were grateful for the opportunity to continue working throughout the lockdown. During this time, ADR created an exclusive range of pieces for Bahay Living, including pendant lights, planters and small furnishings which we proudly feature under our rattan collection.


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