Bahay Buys - Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Bahay Buys - Christmas Gift Guide 2021

It's time to get Christmas shopping, but are you stuck for ideas? We've compiled our Bahay Buys Christmas Gift Guide 2021 to help you down the right path.

Gifts For the Small Ones

Is there any greater joy than handing out gifts to the youngest family members and friends at Christmas? We don't think so! Here are a couple of suggestions that are sure to make eyes light up.

World Explorer Swaddle Wrap

If there's a new baby in your life it will be hard to go past the multi-purpose World Explorer Swaddle Wrap. This versatile piece will take them from the swaddle stage in the bassinet or cot through to tummy time on the floor. Then it becomes a lightweight cot sheet on those warm nights, before ending as an amazing wall hanging when the earlier stages have passed. At only $39, this is absolutely a gift with a tiny cost per use by the time it comes to the end of its useful life.

Second Scout Little Agenda

While kids have a ball with Second Scout products, the secret is that they are actually a gift for the parent too, because it brings a sense of order and calm to the home. When kids know what's coming up next, fewer meltdowns occur and can't we all do with less of those!

Little Agenda is a visual planner, designed specifically to help
families navigate their days and week using pictures. The picture tiles look
just like solid timber, but are actually magnetic, safety tested to meet Australian standards.

Kids love helping set up the board and in doing so, get a great understanding of where they are going and what they will be doing. Do I have school today? When will we see Grandpa? What day is my swimming lesson? There are tiles to answer all these questions and so many more. 

Each Little Agenda comes with a generous starter pack of tiles included and additional Picture Tile Sets to meet all sorts of scenarios are available separately.

Little Agenda is $129 (but is actually worth its weight in gold!). Additional Picture Tile sets - $42


Gifts for the Green Thumb

If pottering in the garden is your gift recipient's favourite thing to do, why not surprise them with something on theme, but different from your standard pot plant.

Market Shopper

Market Shopper Basket Harvest Basket

Take a leaf out of the_cheapskate_gardener's book and pick up one of our Market Shoppers for the gardener in your life to use as a harvest basket.  Available in three sizes, but all generous in capacity (pictured here is the small), it is perfect for piling in all the freshly grown produce (how good and glossy does that silverbeet look in it?) Because we love some double duty action on our products at Bahay Living, it is also brilliant for shopping at the farmer's market or fruit shop. From $39.

Fiddle Leaf Fig or Monstera Pillow Pals

It's a little left of field, but we think these sweet Pillow Pals are a brilliant alternative to gifting your green thumb recipient yet another live plant. Designed, printed and sewn in Australia, these have excellent eco-credentials, being filled with recycled water bottles that has been turned into soft stuffing. Available in Fiddle Leaf Fig and Monstera, $44 each.


Teacher Gifts

We all know teachers have done it tough this year. Here are a couple of our picks to send them off on their well-deserved break.

Printed Linen Tea Towel

Printed on quality linen, our vibrant and fun tea towel range is wonderful when put to hard work in the kitchen, but we think it shines best when displayed as wall art. If you REALLY loved your teacher this year, you can also pair a tea towel with one of our perfectly sized Teak Magnetic Hangers so it can get up on the wall straight away. Tea towels from $24. Magnetic hangers $45.

Soapstress Castile Pump Soap

We know how much teachers have to promote good hand hygiene nowadays, so it's safe to say they will appreciate a gentle yet luxe soap option as their end of year thank you gift. This beautiful pump soap is made from olive, coconut and castor oils and keeps everything sparkly clean and germ-free without the harshness of preservatives. Best of all, it smells exactly like those classic cellophane wrapped lemon sherbet lollies and has a lightly lingering fragrance after rinsing. Who can resist that? Not your favourite teacher! Soapstress Castile Pump Soap - Lemon Myrtle - $30


Gifts for Your Own Wishlist

If there's something you want, it's often best just to ask for it! Our founder once went as far as ordering her own box of gourmet marshmallows on Mother's Day - because it was the best way of assuring it was in her hands on the day! You might like to add to your list:

Peacock Rattan Wall Hook and Water Hyacinth Basket

What a perfect pairing these two are - our Peacock Rattan Wall Hook features classic rattan webbing over a solid timber backing and will get your entryway  looking lovely and organised in no time. $99

Our Water Hyacinth Baskets have been among our most popular pieces at Bahay Living and it's obvious why they are so well loved. Not only good looking, they hold a heap and are strong and sturdy. Use it for picnics, the beach outing or just the daily shopping run. From $49

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